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was incorporated in 2010 in Malaysia and since 2018, established itself as one of the leading manufacturers for edible oils in the Industry.

GMG has one manufacturing plants located strategically in Bander Buket Raja, Malaysia.

All plants are accredited with ISO 22000 & HACCP. GMG receives integrated support in the form of market intelligence and distribution access from its Singapore marketing arm, GMG is honored that many of its brands have received recognition from consumers for their quality and popularity.

GMGs principal activities are selling, manufacturing and packing of edible oils which are as follows:-




1) Vegetable Cooking Oil
2) Soft Oils
3) Coconut and Popcorn Oil
4) Vegetable Ghee
5) Specialty Fats & Margarine
6) Sweetened Condensed Milk / Evaporated Milk
7) Multipurpose Soap & Soap Noodles
8) Rice – Parboiled & White Broken

To date, Global Group is growing exponentially with its products distribution covering more than 85 countries, while continuously working to extend their presence to more areas and target audiences globally. Currently,

Global Group’s major exports markets are to Africa, Middle East & Oceania countries. Based on its tagline “Every Drop Matters”, its success in the edible oils and fats industry is driven by its commitment to ensure that the highest quality products are being offered with uncompromising standards of food safety while providing competitive pricing. Working towards Excellence and being guided by basic values such as Innovation, Teamwork & Integrity, Global Group is guided by a set of values that define how it excels.

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